Toutain Sensei

DAL SITO del Maestro Toutain

Daniel Toutain – Direct student of Morihiro SAITO Sensei

For 30 years, Daniel TOUTAIN followed the teaching of three great japanese Masters, all disciples of the Aikido Founder.


From 1968 to 1978 he studied with Masamichi NORO Sensei, 7th Dan. He became his first assistant from 1976 to 1978. NORO sensei made him the principal instructor in charge of his own dojo of Paris. Masamichi NORO sensei arrived in France in 1961 to promote Aikido and was the official representative of the Tokyo Aikikai for Europe and Africa. Masamichi NORO sensei passed away on March 15, 2013 aged 78 years.


VIDEO Noro sensei and Daniel Toutain

Nobuyoshi TAMURA sensei arrived in France in 1964, also to develop Aikido as official representative of the Tokyo Aikikai for Europe. Daniel TOUTAIN has been his close student and his partner during many years. During that period, Daniel TOUTAIN worked within the French National federations of Aikido as Regional Technical Director (UNA) and as National Technical Director (FFLAB).

VIDEO Tamura sensei and Daniel Toutain

He was also devoted to the study of Iai. He even welcomed for and several days in his own Dojo of Paris the grandmaster Ritsuke OTAKE sensei of the “Katori Shinto Ryu” as well as Tsunemori KAMINODA sensei of Shindo Muso Ryu Jodo school, 8th Dan of Iaido.
Furthermore, while still continuing his research in Aikido Daniel TOUTAIN also studied Wing Chun (Chinese boxing) for a few years with a famous Chinese Master living in London.

Student of Morihiro Saito sensei

Student of Morihiro SAITO sensei, Aikikai 9th Dan, as an uchideshi (live-in student) from 1992 to 2002  with several weeks stays twice a year in the Iwama Dojo, Japan. In the meantime, he followed almost all seminars taught by his Master in Europe.

Daniel TOUTAIN was 4th Dan when he arrived for the first time in Iwama. SAITO sensei gave him the 5th Dan in 1995 and later the 5th-level certificate for Aikido weapons, the highest level granted by SAITO sensei concerning Aikido weapons. In March 2002, Daniel Toutain received the rank of 6th Dan Iwama from Morihiro SAITO sensei.
He also holds the rank of 6th Dan Aikikai of Tokyo from the current Doshu UESHIBA Moriteru, grandson of the Aikido Founder.


Daniel TOUTAIN invited several times his Master in France for international seminars, as well as in his private dojo located in Rennes at that time. Within the Fundamental Aikido Association (FAA), he wants to preserve the teaching of Morihiro SAITO sensei. The purpose is to give students a solid foundation based on the authentic technical legacy of the Founder of Aikido transmittted by SAITO sensei so that everyone could then express himself in a free and personal Aikido. It was the wish of Saito sensei who always strongly recommanded to refer to the teaching of O Sensei Ueshiba. Everyone who can refer to solid foundations is able to progress to higher leve is and understand the deeper meaning of Aikido.

“Tradition is what, based on the certainties of the past, is constantly evolving” Jean Cocteau




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